My Kind of Unboxing - Babybel Cheese

On plenty of gadget/nerd blogs that I read, I often see "unboxing" of new gadgets/phones/computers.  They're step-by-step photos of un-packing of the new prized piece of technology.  It has always fascinated me that someone would go through the trouble of documenting each piece of packaging.  I don't think that it is for the 'packaging nut', rather, I think it is said nerds way of showing off a bit on his/her new toy.  

Well...good news for you.  Unless you want me to "unbox" my new mitre saw stand, I'm going to skip any such technology documentation.  Instead...I'll share with you something I find a bit more interesting: cheese.  Yes...CHEESE! 

My wife LOVES peonies.  I LOVE cheese!  Rather have it than chocolate any day of the week.  Since the day I joined at work, they've always had string cheese in the fridge.  For those afternoon snacks, they've usually filled the bill.  But, when we came back from Christmas break, there was something new in the fridge alongside the string cheese.    These babies:

Umm...have you met Babybel?  You have?  Maybe I'm living under a rock, but I had never tasted these before.  In fact, I'm not sure I had ever heard of them.  I'm here to tell you:  RUN OUT AND GET SOME TONIGHT!  

Now...for the unboxing.  They come wrapped in cellophane.  When you peel that off, you're left with this wax disc.  Pretty neat stuff.  It has a nice pull-tab.  For - what I assume is a low-priced item - these are well packaged.  
Pull the tab and the center part of the cheese is exposed.  

You can then pop the cheese out and end up with a cute little wax pac-man shape.  And...the cheese is HERE!
I'm sure you can bite into this thing a few different times, but not me.  They're big, but I just pop them in my mouth whole.  Gluttonous?  Sure is.   The only issue is that there aren't a ton in the fridge.  I'm not sure when the kitchen folks fill it up, but I have missed them on some days.  Looks like someone else in the office may be on to these!  Maybe writing about these wasn't the best idea after all.


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