My Life for 3 C Batteries

Any parent will tell you what I'm about to tell you:  There are times that I'd give my life for C Batteries.  The pack-n-play vibrates on a C cell.  The swing moves on a C cell.  The vibrating bouncy chair runs on a C cell.

I heard someone say it before I was a dad and now I believe it:  If Menards charged $50.00 for just one C cell battery - I'd pay it.
Doesn't matter what it costs.  In fact, I think these baby product companies are missing out on profits.  Make a swing that puts my baby to sleep every time....Market the hell out of it...Make me NEED to have one.

Then make sure it runs on your own proprietary battery.  Make that sucker last only like 3 weeks.  Make me go out and buy them for $50 a pop.

Guess what?  If the swing works?  You'll have me as a customer.  No matter what it costs.


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