Nice Merchandising: Ping Pong Balls in the Liquor Aisle

I've read RachelleB's posts in the past about CVS' odd pairings in the liquor department like Cook's Champaign and KY "Touch Lotion" or Merlot and mouth rinse and laughed along at the merchandising mishaps.  I can imagine the dudes who are tasked with creating these pairs wondering if they'd be good fits.

Last week, Nat and I were in a Meijer up in Michigan and it seems that they've gotten this "grocery aisle pairings" a bit more fine tuned.  As we were walking down the liquor aisle, I noticed they have packages of ping pong balls and "Wippety Wipes" (you can barely make them out on the left edge of the photo).   Everything you need for a long night of beer pong, I suppose.  

Who ever has the job of finding these companion products at Meijer in Michigan clearly has a stronger finger on the pulse of drinkers than the folks at the CVS in Chicago.
It isn't perfect being liquor and not beer, but not bad.


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