Our New Friends By The Front Door - New Doormat

I've started a bit of a tradition in our house.  For the past two years, I've given Nat a new frontdoor mat for Easter.  Not the most romantic of presents, but one that helps usher in Spring in our house.  And frankly....When was Easter supposed to be romantic!  There's death, rising, bunnies, candy etc...but no romance! 

Anyway....By the time early April rolls around, our mat from the previous year looks pretty bad.  What we've done is taken the old one, put it by the back door and rotated the one by the back door into the garbage can.   Worked pretty good so far.

This year, I picked up the mat at Target.  It is from the Smith and Hawken collection.  I believe that they went out of business this year (stories here), but for some reason they have a bunch of their stuff in our Target on North Avenue.  It tends to be pretty nice stuff, so hopefully they'll keep this "line" going while shuttering all their owned/operated stores.  

The mat is a pretty cute one and "fits" well, I think with both the house and Nat's penchant for all things "birds".
I'll be on the lookout all spring and summer to see if I can snag a mat to top this one next year!


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