Fence Installation - Day 1

The fence guys (Paramount Fence) showed up early Friday morning and got busy taking down our old fence and getting our new one up.  They moved fast, but unfortunately didn't finish.  The sunk all the posts in the concrete, but didn't attach the pickets.

Here's the crew digging the holes with an auger.
Leaves behind a perfect set of holes.

These guys know what they're doing - as they mix their own concrete.  Portland cement+gravel+sand+water=concrete.  They mix it on site in wheel barrows and set the posts wet.
The day ran long and they didn't get it all done.  Here's how it ended: posts in, rest of the materials scattered in their locations.
That's our neighbor's fence on the right side of the photo.  We're putting up a 4 foot fence next to it.


  1. Is it possible to get some live video of day 2?

  2. Would be sweet, eh? What I'm really going for is being the SEO top dog for back yard search terms....


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