Big Ten Icons - Kendall Gill, Joe Girardi and Glenn Robinson Bobbleheads

(Disclosure:  I'm a member of the Big Ten Fan Council and didn't have to pay for my ticket to the luncheon and other events.)

A few weeks ago, I was able to attend the Big Ten Football Kickoff Luncheon.  A full post will show up about the day shortly.  While I was there, I grabbed a few photo-ops with the life-sized bobbleheads that are promoting the new show called Big Ten Icons.  The show doesn't air until September 18, but they're only airing on the Big Ten Network Icons #20-#1.  Starting next week, they'll begin put up #50-#21 on the web.  Illinois is well represented (based on the bobbleheads) by Kendall Gill in hoops and Red Grange in football.  If the Galloping Ghost isn't #1, the system is fixed.  

Here's me with the guys from both of my schools - Kendall Gill from Illinois and Joe Girardi from NU.  

I'm pretty sure this is Glen Robinson - the Big Dog!  I was over by the Purdue folks and he was standing around.  I sidled up and posed.  
Everyone else has a "modern" football Icon Bobblehead except for Illinois with Red Grange.  Kind of speaks to the problems we've had on the field the last 25 years, eh?


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