First Cucumber of 2010

I only planted one cucumber plant earlier this summer and that may end up being a move I regret.  If not regret, it is something that I'll need to rectify next spring by planting more - and building a trellis over the winter to support them.

Over the past week or two, the plant has started to really begin to produce some fruit.  They were all small and un-pickable just yet, but for the first cuke below:

It is a good size - about 8 inches - and plenty girth-y.  The book my sister Vic gave me recommends one plant per person eating from the garden, so that means that we'll need 3-4 plants next year (two for us, two to give away to our families).  That's the book below which also recommends the trellising of the plants.
Besides slicing them up and adorning a salad, what else is there to do with cucumbers?


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