Our Ginko Tree

Earlier this year, we were given this gorgeous Ginko Tree.  The Ginko is known as a living fossil and was thought to be extinct at some point.    We were going back and forth between a Ginko and a Bald Cyprus, but Nat settled on the Ginko.  This beaut is one heck of a graduation present!

I dug the big hole (2X the size of the pot!) and stuck it in the ground in late June and I've been pretty diligent in keeping it watered.  We picked up a few of those new tree sprinklers (pictured above) and I set them up on a timer.  The tree came from The Growing Place in Naperville, so it has a bit of a pedigree, unlike the rest of our trees that are from Home Depot, Menard's and Wal-Mart of all places.  And by pedigree, I mean a book of care instructions.  A book! 

This book tells me that the first year, the tree will get shocked and you have to do your best to keep it alive.  They're pretty hardy - being both somewhat weather and disease resistant.  It sounds like we'll get a very pretty yellow tree come fall.

My luck with trees hasn't been great lately, so I have my fingers crossed.  


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