Outlaw Country - Sirius XM Radio + Atlantic City by The Band

My name is Jake and I am a Howard Stern fan.  Because of that, I am a Sirius Satellite Radio subscriber.  I admit that I use it **mostly** if not exclusively for Howard Stern.  (think what you will of me for being a fan. )  One of the other stations that I listen to is something called "Outlaw Country" - which is a station "devoted to Outlaw Country music, along with various related genres including classic honkey tonk, alternative country, and roots rock."  Sounds about right.

I have tagged a few songs on the station - where I get alerted when I'm in the car and the song is on.  One of them is  "Atlantic City" as performed by The Band.  I haven't heard the song played elsewhere on the dial (But...I rarely listen to the radio besides Howard 100 and this station!)   It is a song written by Bruce Springsteen that showed up on his solo record "Nebraska" back in 1982.  It is a pretty dark song, but really well performed by the guys in The Band in 1993 some 10+ years later.  The lineup for that record included everyone but Robbie Robertson (which is fine by me) and they sound pretty sharp.


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