The Pornographic Whale - Infantino Tub O' Toys Bath Set

Someone gifted the Babe this set of bath-time toys from Infantino when she was born.  They're pretty cute and have gotten a good workout these past few months.  For whatever it is worth, they (the toy experts!) say, that you're supposed to throw out bath toys periodically - to avoid mold build-up - so these are probably on their last legs.  Apparently if you don't drain them very well, they'll just trap water and get all gross on the insides.  They'll turn into about the last thing you want your baby to be playing with during their baths.

Each one of the specific toys has a blowhole where you can suck in water and squirt it out.  On some they're in their mouths, but on this whale it is right where it is supposed to be - his blowhole.

He looks pretty cute and normal, right?
He's just fine.....until you take a close look at the tail - all by itself.
Seriously?!?  How did something like this get past the quality control folks.  You have to think that the designer thought it was rip-roariously funny to get a set of boobs into an infant toy.  No one was checking his work, I suppose.  (Nat is the one who actually figured this out and I couldn't stop laughing when she showed me.  We happened to be in church at the time - don't ask why a bath toy ended up at church, it just did - and I believe that I received some looks from the congregation due to my unchecked laughter. )

I've looked all over the web can't find anyone else talking about these guys.  So...maybe I'm the one with the warped perspective?


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