Stone Ridge Creamery Tart Frozen Yogurt

File this under:  my late evolving tastebuds.

The Jewels has recently re-branded their private label ice creams under the Stone Ridge Creamery banner and they're not bad.  We don't eat a lot of ice cream (we eat a ton of Skinny Cows and Weight Watcher bars, but not real ice cream), so I can't tell you where it ranks versus other ice creams premium or not.

But...Nat came home with a quart of their new Tart Frozen Yogurt.  I think it took me all of 4 days to eat the whole thing.  I would have never thought that I would be into lowfat tart frozen yogurt, but I've shared too many a Berry Chill with Nat and I've grown more than accustomed, if not downright ravenous of tart yogurts.

If you're in your local Jewels and are in the frozen aisle, eschew the novelties section and head over to pick up a pint of this stuff.  If you like Pinkberry or Berry Chill, it will NOT disappoint.


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