111 N. Addison, Elmhurst: A Big Opportunity

On Addison Street in Downtown Elmhurst, there is this really pretty building.  Limestone front, crisp black awnings, iron railings.
Since I've been walking past it, a firm named Armstrong Aerospace has occupied the ground floor and what appears to be the second floor.  From what I've been told at some point there was a really neat authentically Italian coffee shop in the ground floor that apparently didn't have that big of a following.

Either the aerospace business is booming (and the firm had to move to bigger digs) or busting (and they're downsizing their space), but one thing is certain:  Downtown Elmhurst now has ANOTHER vacancy and opportunity to re-think Addison Street.  Coupled with the closing of the Magic Shop on the corner of 1st and Addison, and the former Papa John's storefront on York, there are 3 VERY high profile storefronts that will be filled with new operations.  What we don't (frankly) need is another salon!

The Downtown holds so much promise and has a few gems, but needs help.  Perhaps, with key tenants coming to these three locations, this will be viewed as the turning point for Downtown Elmhurst?  Only time will tell.


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