Top Food Trends in Chicago According to Google

One of my preferred part of my day job is finding and pointing out trends using data from the company.  With the end of the year coming, these inevitably end up being used in "list" format.  You know...Top 10 XXX of 2010, etc.  

For Chicago, the List Season got off to an early start with the Sun-Times running the top 10 food/drink trends.  You can see them in the photo above (on the right side) that I took with my phone or in the lists below.  

Guacamole tops pizza?  That's crazy talk.  

Fastest Rising Food and Drink Search Terms in Chicago

1. Chicken
2. Zucchini bread
3. Guacamole
4. Pizza
5. Bruschetta
6. Cake
7. Wings
8. Pie
9. Pasta
10. Cookies

Non-alcoholic beverages1. Acai
2. Frappe
3. Macchiato
4. Smoothie
5. Tea
6. Pepsi
7. Coke
8. Kombucha
9. Frappuccino
10. Pomegranate


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