Dolly Parton Saves the Day

I've previously disclosed that although I'm a Sirius/XM subscriber, I'm really just subscribing because of Howard Stern.  My dark secret (that I'm a HUGE Stern guy) is out there and Nat hates for me to tell people.  In fact, I hesitate to tell most people - mostly because I know that somewhere in their head they're judging me and thinking that I'm some sort of gross dude. 

Yesterday, I found myself in the car driving to Detroit in the morning, which allowed me to listen to the entire show.  But, I also had to drive partially back home last night and because there wasn't anything fresh on Howard 100, I was left to fend for myself among the music stations. 

And....guess what?  Outlaw Country didn't let me down. 
Yup.  That's Dolly covering Led Zeppelin.  Guess if Stern decides to pack it in, I'll have to give a second thought to deleting my subscription after all. 


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