2010 Christmas Haul, Part 1

In the spirit of haul videos, I figure I'd share a few of my spoils from the holiday festivities.  I thought for about a minute or two about doing a spoof haul video, but then figured I have better other things to do with my time.

First up is a gift from my dad.  Growing up I always LOVED the holiday time because that meant that my dad was going to be setting up his Lionel train.  The set was his since he was a child and he somehow hung onto it and the set - for the most part - survived various moves and time.  This was a shared tradition throughout my childhood as we even went to various train shows each December adding a piece to the collection - sometimes a car, sometimes some track.  And....boy the smell of that transformer!  Those of you with older train sets know what I'm talking about, but it just smells like Christmas to me!

The hobby resurfaced again a few years back when - for some reason - my interest in Lionel and trains rose.  We even went back to a show and bought a few new cars.

However, one thing was always missing:  my own train set.  My dad - now a grandpa - has given train sets to each of his grandsons the past few years as they get old enough to enjoy them.  But, this year, it was my turn!  Quite a surprise to find my own Lionel set under the tree at my folks house.  My dad said, "You never had your own set.  Now you do!"
I haven't set it up yet and I'm thinking that I'll just wait for next year when the Babe is a bit older and can have fun with me.  This is sure to become a family Christmas tradition in the Parrillo house!


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