4th OGB Post: Celebrating 10 Years in Chicago

Last week, a post went live on the Official Google Blog entitled:  Celebrating 10 Years in Chicago.  This was the fourth post that I've written for the company that has appeared on the OGB.  Although I've enjoyed writing all of them, this latest post about the Chicago office was the most fun to draft.  Although they're officially "signed" by someone else (3 of 4 of them), they're most definitely my writing and ideas - so, I guess that's part of being in Communications in a large company.

The occassion (our 10th year in Chicago) is a big deal to all of us here in town, but also the company.  We even had our design team come up with Chicago-specific logo (which we've put on shirts and hats.  Perhaps, I'll figure out a way to give a few shirts away via the blog at some point!)   Too often, Google is viewed as this west coast, Silicon Valley company when, in fact, we're over 400 employees in Chicago making a contribution to the company.  If you take in some of the other Great Lakes Cities that have Google offices, we're probably at about 700-800 employees.  Pretty impressive in my opinion - and definitely runs counter to the west-coast ONLY notion.
With Google being such a big, global company, it was nice to be able to highlight our presence in the middle part of the country and all that we've accomplished.  The post also gave me an opportunity to brag a bit on our great city - and where you can find things on the web.  I even got two food mentions in the post - and BOTH have caused much discussion with some Chicagoans coming down on the opposite side of the opinions.  Frankly...I'm not that strong on the pizza claim, but it would have been pretty stinkin' boring to write that we have *some* decent pizza, right?  Or...I suppose I could have linked up Great Lakes and their GQ story about having the best pizza in America.

However...there is ONE thing that I won't budge on:  ketchup on hotdogs.  Unless you are 8 years old, that just simply doesn't work.

Even with those caveats, I'm still proud to have the pieces posted on the Official Google Blog.  The audience there is MASSIVE (not to mention the reach the story receives after they "tweet" it from the official Google handle - which makes it fun to write the posts conjure up other ideas.

For those of you keeping track of my posts on the OGB (Hi, Mom!) , here they are:


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