7 Down, 18 to Go: Art of Pizza

I dropped Nat off at an appointment in the city yesterday and had an hour or so before we were going to head to the Renegade Craft Fair to fill.  What better way to fill said hour than knocking one of the 25 Top Pizza places in Chicago off the list.  Fortunately for me, Art of Pizza on Ashland was only a few blocks away.

It was a snowy day, so pulling into the parking lot at lunchtime was a quiet appealing.  I didn't have to fit for a parking spot with some bozo who had dibs nor did I have to circle the block searching for a spot.  The Art of Pizza is a counter-joint, where you order at the counter and you get a slice to walk away with.  I'm guessing you can order pies, too,  but it seems like the bulk of their business is in slices.

All of their slices are $3.19 - thick or thin.  Not bad.

The dining room is big, but pretty plain.  There was a LOUD group of boys that showed up.  They couldn't help themselves from yelling about some video game.  They got me out of there fast.

I went with the thin crust, mostly because it was lunchtime.  But...also because the guy said that they had sausage/pepperoni combo in thin.  That was a mistake.  I'll get deep-dish if I go back.  Not because I didn't like the combo.  But...because it just wasn't a stand-out pizza slice.
18 places to go in 6+ months.  That's a lot of pizza to be eaten!


  1. Big mistake. Art of Pizza deep-dish or pan is one of the world's great treasures. Never had their thin crust.

  2. I knew right away that I had made a mistake. I'll give it another shot, but this time will go deep-dish.


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