Family Photobooth Photo 2010

At the Renegade Craft Fair last year (2009), we sat for a photobooth session and came up with this image.  The 2009 post is here - but included below for comparisons sake. 
 This year, the Babe played a starring role.  They're certainly not as formal as some family portraits.
But, for us, they're much cuter!


  1. super cute!

    We have a journal that outlines the first two years of milo's life. So on the 11th of each month (he was born may 11) we do a family photobooth picture at one of the old school photo booths. we just did month 19, and while its often a burden (espeically with this cold weather) im SO glad we did it! its so fun to see his different reactions to the booth each time.

    So weve got a few more to go, and ill be happy to end it monthly, but am pretty sure this will be a birthday tradition for us!


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