Handmade Christmas - Vanilla Extract Going Legit This Year

Last year, I brewed a small batch of vanilla extract and gave it away at Christmas to friends and family.  It was a hit!  This year, I planned ahead and worked with my nieces and nephews and made a HUGE batch of the stuff.  By HUGE, I mean 5 gallons.  Seriously.  Now....don't be alarmed.  Each of my 3 sets of nieces/nephews are taking one gallon each.  They're giving them away as gifts to their teachers and their moms are giving some away, too.  But the other two gallons?  That'll be easy to give away as gifts.  There's 128 ounces in a gallon and I bought 8 ounce bottles.  The bottles!  The best part!  Last year, we went to container store and bought 8 ounce swivel-top bottles that were super expensive - like $6 a piece.  This year, I shopped ahead and bought them from Specialty Bottles and went with the 8 oz Clear Boston Round.  Because of the volume I bought, the cost per bottle came in under $1.00 a piece.  And that included caps and....the neat part:  shrink bands.  

Talk about making things look legitimate, eh?  These aren't really necessary, but I guess will give the recipients a little piece of mind that the extract hasn't been tampered with.
More on the extract after we finish bottling it.  I still have to schedule a party with my little "helpers" so we can get it all out the door in time for school gifts. 


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