Letters to Santa: 2010

With a little prodding from Nat, I've participated (along with  her, her sister, and her mom) in the Chicago Sun-Times Letters to Santa/Season of Sharing program.  Each holiday season, we get letter(s) from Chicago Public School kids - addressed to Santa - asking for gifts each year.

More often than not, these kids would - under normal circumstances - not get the very presents they are asking for.  Either because of economics or family setting reasons, Santa isn't able to deliver on their requests.  And...that's where the Sun-Times steps in.  They mail you a letter and you do the shopping.  This year, my letter was addressed to "Sunta", but I'm guessing he really meant Santa.
Makes my heart melt a little bit - every time I look at that photo and read that letter.    Cedrick wanted a R/C car and wrestlers?  I couldn't be more delighted to (hopefully) brighten in Christmas morning.  He'll have a couple of WWF wrestlers and a small R/C car - all at just about the $25 budget set by the program!
I know there are PLENTY of ways to get involved and to share at this time of year, but I think this program works for me - and that's why I keep participating in it year after year.  It allows me to do something that these kids can't do themselves - and be active in the process. 


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