Noel Angel Candleholders

With Christmas already in our rearview mirror (sad, isn't it?), I needed to document the latest addition to our decor before it gets packed away.  In early December, we went to a vintage Christmas fair on Randolph Street in the city.  We've gone the past two years and have come home with a handful of treasures each year.

These guys were my favorite buy this year and they've been sitting near our front door in the entry - so we get to see them a lot.
They're stamped "Japan" - so I'm guessing that dates them to before WWII, right?  As with most people's Christmas and their Christmas decor, things just keep expanding. my brother-in-law once put it:  "Christmas is like the universe.  It keeps growing each year."

I'll have to remember to put these guys back up by the front door.  That is, if I can get my attention away from building the baddest Christmas Village ever!


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