One Year of Blogging: Resolved.

A year ago today, I was pondering News Years resolutions.  All the typical ones ran through my head, but it occurred to me that I've never actually fulfilled a resolution - and carried it throughout the entire year.

This year was going to be different, I claimed!  No promising to go to the gym.  No promising to save more money.  This year, I was going to publish a post to my personal blog EVERY DAY ALL YEAR LONG.  Yes.  By some measures, I aimed somewhat low.  To some, a post-a-day doesn't seem like a very high bar to get over, but it was an important personal goal and allowed me to get re-acquainted with something I was missing.

Blogging is how I fell in love with the web and found a profession.  To those who know me, they know that the funny thing about my career is:  before blogging, I was a driver.  Yes...I drove someone around for a living. I LOVED it, but still....I was a driver.  Then came along blogging.  2004 was the first time I dug into it - a few years behind the pioneers - but blogging gave me a platform to have a (small voice) and connect with people.  Some of those folks have been my biggest backers professionally.   They know who they are - and I can't thank them (him!) enough.  Without blogging, I wouldn't have those relationships.

I had been writing on various platforms for the past six years and mostly abandoned my blog in 2009.  In fact, I didn't write a single post.  With a 2 week old baby at home, our 2009 NYE was pretty quiet and that gave me an opportunity to dig into blogger, port things over from Wordpress and begin anew.  Everything was coming together.

From January one to today I've written ONE post every day this year.  Sure, some of them are stinkers.  Actually...A LOT of them are stinkers, but I still published something everyday.  Over on the right rail, you can see the yearly tallies - note it says 365 today!  I had writers block quite a bit throughout the year, but I still posted *something*. want to know if it was "worth it"?  As for numbers/stats,  lots of people started to read the posts.  The audience started small (like 2 people), but has grown and is (surprisingly!) more than my family.   However, if I was doing this for the audience, I'd probably NOT write about Christmas Villages, garage construction, and vegetable gardens.

So...will I keep going in 2011?  Not sure, but I'm thinking I will - but maybe not everyday. Seems like this is an easy habit to fall out of (see 2009!), so I'll probably stay on it for a while to keep the momentum going.   With a lot of fun things going on in our world, I might as well document them somewhere and have something to look back on.  But will I freak if I don't post something?  Probably not.

Thanks for reading one or two or all of the posts this past year.  Hope there was a little something to enjoy!


  1. It's been great to see you get back on the horse. I've been pretty weak on my own blog, something I hope to change in the months ahead. Thanks for the recap - beers on me next time we're together!


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