Penny Hockey Board - Dimensions and Progress

Having been through the prototyping process on Penny Hockey Boards, I made a few modifications.  First, they shrunk in size considerably.  From 12" wide and 16" long down to 12" long and 8.5" wide.  After the side rails are attached, the playing surface will be 12" long, 8" wide.    The name of the game is also being changed from Penny Hockey to Topper Hockey (more on that later....).
Also, because the board shrunk, the space behind the goal also was squeezed.  It started at 2.5" from backline to center of the goal and now with the production units, I've cut that distance in half.
The final change comes in regards to the pegs - I've changed the configuration a bit and removed some.  The "guard" pegs - which are located just outside the goal mouth were widened, and one of them were removed.   The peg modifications were made to simplify and enhance gameplay.  My intended audience is my nephews who are all under the age of 10.  Scoring should be "easy" and the game should be fun.   The dimensions were also a consideration.  Nat thought it would be best if these boards could fit into a backpack, so that made the large board that I first built a non-starter.  The size of the playing surface also is a consideration in regards to fun.  Big board = not as many goals. 

I still have to make scoreboards, attach the boards, sand and finish all of them, but I made a lot of progress on them yesterday.  A full post with actionable blueprints/dimensions (as well as a post on the full rulebook) is forthcoming, but for now, I'd just like to wrap the project up this week - ahead of the big unveil on Christmas Eve!


  1. Hi. I want to build these with our Cub Scouts. Would u send me the measurement locations for the pegs, please. U are the only one I've found that isn't charging $20+/- per board, let alone tell how to make it! Thanks. My email is THANK YOU!


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