Track Santa on Your Mobile Phone - NORAD Santa

For the past few years, Google has teamed up with NORAD to allow parents and kids to track Santa across the globe in Google Earth.  I'm posting this on the 23rd (Happy Festivus, Everyone!) because some of you read these posts via email a day after they're posted.  Here's a video from last year.  If you look closely around 23 seconds, you can see Santa flying right down the Chicago River!  And...I have it on good authority that there will be even more Chicago footage this year!

This year, Google has made it even easier to track the Big Guy wherever you might be on Christmas Eve. Pay attention, parents!  This year, no more need to be chained to your laptop or desktop. can track Santa on your phone.   That's pretty easy, isn't it?

How to Track Santa on Your Mobile Device:
1. Get Google Maps on your mobile device.  If you don't have it loaded, you can use this QR Code to get it now:
2.  On Christmas Eve, open the application.
3.  Search for "Santa".
4.  Watch him as he flies around the globe!


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