2010 Christmas Haul, Part 2: The JawHorse

It wasn't all fun and trains at Christmas this year, as I was quite the lucky guy!  My in-laws gifted me a JawHorse.   Talk about an awesome gift!   On occasion, I've borrowed my father-in-laws JawHorse to build various things like our deck.  This is a perfect addition to my workshop in the basement.  Don't know what a JawHorse is?
Not to make this a total commercial, but.....It is a portable workstation/clamping tool that does just about anything.   It holds boards, doors, projects and with the extension that they got me, even a full 4X8 sheet of plywood.  That's pretty rad.

But...the real key is that this thing allows someone to work by themselves.  This thing is basically another "set of hands".  No more relying on others to help hold boards when I'm cutting, the JawHorse does that for me.

Those of you who've tried to build something solo, you know how difficult it can be.  Just "holding" the end of a board while you cut is a task that you need done A LOT.  Not with the Jawhorse! This video shows a lot more.


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