Culinary Circle Frozen Pizza - NOT Handmade

Our local Jewel has rolled out a new private label brand that they've positioned as a bit more upscale called Culinary Circle.  They bill it as "chef inspired" and generally, the products are pretty good.  As I was in the store this week doing checking out my favorite Home Run Inn frozens, I noticed that Jewel (and their parent Super-Valu has  recently extended the Culinary Circle line to frozen pizzas. 

They're nicely packaged, merchandised well, and generally look pretty appealing.   Being a store-brand, they get a lot of real estate in the freezers.   But, things get interesting when you take a closer look at the boxes. 

From a few feet away, things look harmless enough, right?
But, once you zoom in on the lower left corner (where the pizzaiolo is shaping the dough), we run into a bit of trouble.  Note the text:  "Product is NOT handmade."  As if we all didn't realize that each frozen pizza didn't start from a hand-stretched skin.
Really?  Was someone going to be confused? 

"Man....I bought this pizza the other day and when I opened it up it turned out to be made in a factory.  I was so bummed."

"You were?  Where'd you buy it?"

"From the frozen food aisle at the Jewel grocery story."

" bought a frozen pizza?  What made you think it wasn't going to be anything but a factory-made regular frozen pizza?"

"Dude...they had me fooled!  You see, they had this small photo on the front of the box of a pizzamaker spreading the dough.  I figured that guy *actually* made *my* pizza."

"Guess you didn't look close enough to see if they put a disclaimer on the box"

"Guess not."

Seems the in house Super-Value Grocery legal department sure wanted to make sure they were needed and worked overtime on this one, eh?


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