Pane Cafone Recipe (Country Man's Bread)

With a healthy sourdough starter, I figured I should dive right in and bake some bread.  My first attempt was one of the more simple breads:  Pane Cafone.  Turned out pretty good for a first attempt. 

Pane Cafone (Country Man's bread) - Produces One Round Loaf
1 Cup Starter
3.5 Cups 00 Flour
1 Cup Water
2 teaspoons salt

1.  Knead starter, flour and water for 5 minutes and let autolyse (have flour absorb water before salt has time to draw it in).  Mix in salt and knead for 2 more minutes. 
2.  Cover bowl and proof for 8-12 hours at room temperature. 
3.  Punch down and form round loaf without slashing the top.  Proof for 2-4 hours. 
4.  Pre-heat your baking stone at 450 for 30-45 minutes.
5.  Bake on pre-heated stone at 450 for 15 minutes.
6.  Reduce temperature to 350 and bake for an additional 45 minutes.  Turning once or twice. 
7.  Cool on wire rack.

Here's my round dough loaf after it rose and just ahead of baking. 

Right after I pulled it out.  Great crunch and pretty spring-y when you handle it.

Cutting into the loaf, the hole structure isn't too large, but it tastes really great.    A little bit of tang from the starter. 
Consider this a successful first attempt!

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