Kumato - The Winter Tomato at Trader Joe's

A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law came home from Trader Joe's with this package of Kumatos.  They're brown tomatoes that claim to "taste good" all year around.  I think she said that the good folks at TJ billed it as a "winter tomato".  I didn't eat any of them and haven't seen them since - either at our house or my in-laws.  Maybe they weren't a hit.  Anyone had these?  Any good?  The YumSugar ladies sure seem like them!


  1. I just bought these yesterday at Trader Joe's. Im not a raw tomato eater at all but thought I'd give them a try bc the sign said it has a sweeter taste than regular tomatoes. I think they're the best tomatoes I've ever eaten. Ive eaten two of them since yesterday afternoon which is a big deal for me because I never can eat more than one very thin slice of tomato.

    1. I love them, nice acid balance with sweetness.

  2. Great feedback, Kellie! I too am NOT a raw tomato eater and the color of these is a bit to overcome, but I'll give them another shot. LIke I said, we eat dinner occasionally at my in-laws place and there is usually a salad involved so I'm sure I'll get another chance.

  3. These are the best tomatoes ever, and they sell them at Trader Joe's all year round, as far as I'm aware. My daughter's friend, who's 2.5 years-old, doesn't eat tomatoes, period, and she ate a whole one at our house the other day. My whole family loves Kumatos.

  4. Love Kumatos. First tried them in a high end restaurant served with balsamic vinegar, a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt. Fabulous and sweet. I went online to look for them, or even seeds and they are really hard to get. I was floored when I saw them at Trader Joes's!!! I came straight home and cut some up and ate them the way I had them at the restaurant. Fabulous.

  5. There are, by far, the best tomatoes ever, with apologies to my dad who's grown tomatoes for decades. I went for more today; alas, there were no kumatos at TJs. Apparently the word is out.

  6. Kumatos keep well in the fridge. They're excellent sliced raw and served with a dash of sea salt on top, and a small dollop of pesto. Or just a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic or sherry vinegar. I find them to be more flavorful than the standard red hydroponic tomato, which is just bland. I'm still waiting for a chance to try the "Ugly Ripe" heirloom variety of tomatoes. They're supposes to be very flavorful, although they look wrinkled, hence the name.

  7. Great for a Kum/checca: chop the kums in small dices warm up a pan with extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed better) garlic as you please (,also good with shallots for an extra kick) cook the kumatos till tender on med to med high temp cook your favorite pasta al dente (spaghetti or linguini best cook your pasta to 7/10 of the cooking time on the package drain it bring the kumatos to a fast sizzle have a bunch of basil leaves cut into strips ready and drop it in together with the pasta let it cook another 3/10 of the indicated time anf setve


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