Menards Plastic Greenhouse

Yes...I can positively confirm that things just got weird at the Parrillo homestead:  I bought a mini greenhouse.  This kit came from Menards (where else?) and was just $19.00.  It certainly is NOT heavy-duty but will do the job for my seeds.  At some point, this will move outside and will help me harden-off the seedlings.  It currently is in our dining room - as the plants need southern exposure - but Nat can't stand the looks of it.  I'm thinking in thenot too distant future, when I go into the office, I'll find out that she's pushed it back into my office - far away from the eyes of our visitors.
The greenhouse has 4 shelves each capable of holding 2 seedling trays.  I've begun to transplant some of the bigger seedlings from the trays into their own non-peat pots, which you can see on the left-hand side.

I know I have a compulsive/obsessive personality and need a hobby or project to focus on, but this purchase and this actual post are confirmation of that.  I suppose gardening is a harmless vice, right?  At least it is manly.

UPDATE:  That day (when it would end up in my office - has already arrived.  Heh.  That didn't take long.


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