Purple Prince Zinnia - Seeds and Seedlings

In lieu of keeping a gardening journal on paper, you've probably noticed that I've been using this space as a running entry of what is working and what isn't with my seedling experiments.  With Nat's encouragement, I've mentioned that I've taken on some flower seed growing (Amaranthus, Cosmos) including one of her favorites:  Zinnias.

One of 3 varieties of Zinnias I've sown is called the Purple Prince.  I'll find time/space to show you the other two soon.

After just a week and a half in the ground, the seeds have sprouted and seedling have begun to emerge.  None of those "Luminous Blooms" yet, but I'm now more hopeful and knowledgeable about how these things work.  Once again, I put too many seeds in each little compartment - not knowing that so many of them would emerge.  Will be such a shame to have to thin these guys out.


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