2011 Easter Crafts Round One - The Beginning of Egg Garland

One of two craft projects I'm trying to take on for Easter is this Egg Garland from Martha Stewart.  Her directions call for the blowing-out of actual eggs, but I figured there had to be a better/different way.  I wasn't interested in blowing out 60 eggs, nor did I think I could actually do so without breaking a lot of eggs into little collections of shells.

So off I went to Michael's Crafts to find a replacement.  In my head, I was going to buy wooden eggs, but I spotted these paper-mâché eggs and figured they'd fit the bill.  As you can see, I've started to drill the holes in both ends and soon will drop a few coats of paint on them.    They're light - like real eggs - but fairly unbreakable.  Sure, they can get dented, but I'm not going to go cray thinking that if they fall off of their perch the eggs will all crack.  And, since they're pretty much a dead ringer size-wise, I think we'll fool most folks who see them.

The goal?  Have the garland hung before Easter!  Shouldn't be tough, right?  I have another Easter craft project I'm working on too, so I have to prioritize my time.  With all the rain they're predicting for this weekend, the yard work that needs to get done shouldn't be competing for my attention too terribly much. 


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