8th OGB Post: If the Green Jacket Fits...

With The Masters coming so quickly after the Final Four, my sports-related Official Google Blog posts are coming fast these days.  Just 7 days after I told you guys about the latest Final Four trends, I found a ex-pro golfer at Google to "sign" my latest piece.    This one was fun, but because the trends around the game have been so dominated by Tiger's off-course issues, there were a few problems with hanging our hat on the leading players.

As I write this, I'm watching the final holes at Augusta and just as our post posited, there are very talented, but relatively unknown golfers coming on strong to contend for the green jacket. (Hello Jason Day, Adam Scott, and Charl Schwartzel!)

One trend that I didn't get into the post was around the Par 3 contest that takes place the Wednesday before the tournament opens.  This year it seems, interest in the Par 3 contest skyrocketed as more golf fans wanted to know more about it.  Perhaps it has something to do with ESPN broadcasting the event?  Was that a first? Take a look at the HUGE surge this year (all the way at the right of the chart below).   Something drove people to find out more this year than in years past, right?

Getting these OGB posts done are just one piece of the strategy around sports and I've been thinking more and more that these are really just "flags" that I've staked in the ground around these events and next year we'll be able to point people to them ahead of events.   Next up?  Most likely the French Open in May.


Here are the live links to all eight of my posts on the Official Google Blog:


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