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We have a few new tools/toys to show off today.  The fine folks at Google have added some new capabilities to all Blogger blogs (that's the platform I use to power this site) including the addition of five new "Dynamic Views".   Those of you reading this should know (and likely do) that I work at Google and am writing this post on my own accord and these views posted here are mine alone and NOT that of my employer.    Now...back to the post:

Blogger - as a platform - doesn't get the credit it deserves these days, but the product has come along really nicely and the flexibility it allows for these days is the best among it's peers.  Of note, for all you bloggers (Not capital "B") who are thinking about using the Blogger (capital "B) platform to power your blog, you should find a lot of comfort in the fact that the entire operation has been backed by Google's Data Liberation Front - and you can quickly/easily export your entire set of content and go to another platform like Wordpress if you'd like.  That's pretty great - and another way Google is leading the way for users.   Besides it is HUGE.  Blogger is the sixth most popular destination on the entire web

As for these new Dynamic Views:  Some of you may (for some reason!) HATE the way I've laid out the site and wish there was a more interactive way/different way to interact with the content.  If that's the case, worry no more!  The Blogger team has come to the rescue. 

They've put together these five views (Below) that use the latest in web technology, including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3.

Aside from them being kind of neat to look at, they have some other benefits:  
1.  Speed.  The pages are super fast.
2.  Interactivity.  With more than 500 posts laying around, it is nice to get a new layout/view that allows for content discovery via photos or timelines.  Really slick idea to provide a quick 'refresh' of the blog.
3.  Innovation.  This (for me) is the MOST important piece of this announcement.  The Blogger team is alive and well and bringing fresh ideas and innovative practices to their product.  As a user, these new views encourage me to invest more in the product and to contribute more posts to my blog because I know the team building the product is going to keep bringing new ideas and innovations to keep pushing the platform forward.

Kudos, Blogger team!

And, without further delay, here's how this site looks like in the 5 new views.  I am partial to the Timeslide View.  What about you?  Think I should implement one of these on the homepage? 

Timeslide View

Snapshot View

Sidebar View

Mosaic View

Flipcard View


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