Confirmed: Sicilian vs. Grandma

Back in November, I shared a moment of enlightenment about various styles/types of pizza.  Specifically, after reading a book about pizza, I came across a list of terms defined including Sicilian and Grandma pizza styles.  The 2 descriptions can be found on my post:  Sicilian vs. Grandma Pizza.

Up until this week, the discussion was completely academic because I hadn't been to a place that had them side-by-side.  That's no longer the case.  While in NYC this week, I stopped by a slice joint and came across both of them right next to each other.  That's the Sicilian on the right and the Grandma on the left.  With both, you pick your slice and they throw it into a faux-wood-burning oven that is really just an open gas burner to reheat your slice.  I really don't love this whole reheating process, but it seems it is the way New Yorkers roll.
See how much thinner the Grandma pie is?  They're both cut into "squares" - really rectangles - and the edges are crisped up, but the Sicilian has much more cheese on it, while the Grandma is dominated by sauce.  I can't actually speak about the taste differences because I only opted for the the Sicilian - which was just a cheese pie.  As noted by others, this is about as close to bread as you can get in the pizza category.  It was good, but not spectacular - and reminded me why I love Chicago-style tavern cut thin pizza.    Now, that's pizza!


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