Girl and the Goat

Last week, Nat and  I went out to celebrate my birthday (and the big Polomsky for City Council win!) with a meal at the Girl and the Goat.  As most of you know (and I just came to realize!), this restaurant is very happening and for good reason:  the chef is a *celebrity*, the place has a great vibe, and the food, well...isn't what I would call "in my comfort zone", but it was pretty great.

While we didn't get the roasted pig face (seriously...that's on the menu), we did get some pork and here's me smiling with a VERY full belly and playing with a pork shank bone.
The meal was quite the experience - especially for a guy like me who lives in the suburbs and eats pizza and chicken wings.  From the green beans with fish sauce to the chickpea fritters to the seppia (fish), it was all quite interesting and for the most part, delicious.  And, we got a wonderful surprise at the end of our meal from a friend/neighbor of ours (Thanks if you are reading this!) which is going to allow us to come back for a second meal here. 

The restaurant has 2 Expo Tables, which are really Chef's Tables - where you get to peer into the kitchen while you're dining.  If it is just Nat and I who head back there, we'll angle for one of those. 

I felt a little bit out of my element - and in talking with Nat - that seems to be a good thing.  I don't do it enough.  Like a lot of folks I stay inside my comfort zone/bubble and don't push my boundaries too often.  Places like the Girl and the Goat always seem too hip or not for me, but after dining there, I've come around.  Who knows, maybe even we'll find ourselves at Alinea in the future.


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