My Sourdough Starter Cracked the Jar!

At least that's what I *think* happened.  Unless we have a ghost who comes in and drops my culture jars on their edges just for fun.

Earlier this week, I grabbed my sourdough culture jars out of the fridge and I tried to wake them up.  I wanted to bake some bread for Easter this weekend, and figured it was going to take a few cycles of feeding them to fully get them activated because it'd been about 2 months since I touched them. 

The good news?  They woke right up.  A few feedings in, I had a fully alive culture and a bubbling jar.

The bad news?  I forgot to open the jars and dump out a bunch of the culture one evening.  We went to bed and woke up to the strong stink of yeast in our kitchen.  And one of my jars was surprisingly low in terms of contents.   When I picked it up, it dripped.  Turns out, the bottom busted out.  I can only guess that this was a weak spot in the jar and the pressure was too great.  In the photo above, I laid the glass glass chip that busted out right on the jar.  Pretty crazy, right? 

I searched the web and didn't turn up much.  So, baking friends:  have you ever heard of this? 


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