New Dream Wood-Burning Pizza Oven

April is going by way to fast.  I wanted to have a bunch of things lined up for the busy season (AKA April 15-June 15) by the time April arrived, MOST of them have been pushed back or fallen to the wayside.  Case in point:  My backyard wood-burning home-built pizza oven.  Spring of 2011 was supposed to be *the* season of the pizza oven at Casa Parrillo.  Unfortunately for me (and likely most other husbands!), as a good wife should do she points out:  With more important things to do, we should take a pass on the oven for now.  She keeps telling me that she doesn't understand my desire for the oven in our yard and that it might be a rotten idea that if we ever sell our house, the new buyers will hate it.  I suppose there's some truth to what she says, but I'm not giving up totally.  Besides - as she has keenly pointed out - we have other projects to tend to including the playground to put together, the lawn to seed/grow, and flowers to plant.  But that hasn't kept me from scouring the internet looking for ideas for said wood-burning oven.  For a long time, the oven pictured here on my post about the top 25 pizzas was what I thought I wanted.  But...I've changed the plans in my head a bit after seeing this beauty:
I like the roofline and how there is cover for the elements - which means one could make pies year around.  I have the space allocated and have done some of the research required to build one of these, but I have some work convincing Nat that this would be an enhancement to the Parrillo homestead.  Maybe Spring of 2012?  That would give me ample time to collect the tools and materials necessary to build one, right?


  1. I feel like I need to defend myself... I'll leave it alone. Love you!


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