How to Trap A Racoon - Part 1

Last night, the fine folks at Animal Trackers set this trap up in our vegetable garden.  After spying the various piles of turds laying around, the guy said that we definitely had a raccoon living among us - and that he believed he could trap it. 

So, this morning, I went out with a big smirk on my face to see what we had caught. I peered over the vegetable garden fence, I saw.....nothing.  The cage was empty.  Bummer.   To make matters worse, there was another HUGE pile of turds that was spitefully left behind.

I've repositioned the trap and I'll put a few more aromatics in there this evening and HOPE that we catch him tonight.


  1. hey, we caught both a raccoon and a possum with a piece of bread soaked in sugar water. ::shrug:: they find it hard to resist canned cat food too. but- city critters might be more 'in the know' about these things than our simple country critters. :D

  2. Didn't catch him last night either. I think I'm going to go buy some cat food. Do you think you just open the can and leave it in there? Or dump the can out?


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