10th OGB Post: Slam Dunk for NBA Web Searches

My fourth sports-related search trends blog post went up on the Official Google Blog yesterday - just in time for the Mavs victory in game six.  In this piece, we dug in on some professional hoops trends and found some interesting things including how the on-court renaissance that veteran Jason Kidd has under-taken is mirrored online and he's seen a surge as the playoffs wore on.  Have to be happy for him this morning, right? 
If the Stanley Cup goes to game seven, I might be able to squeeze in a NHL post all about Lord Stanley's Cup and what a big deal a game seven is for all sports.


Here are the live links to all ten of my posts on the Official Google Blog:


  1. Why is it under someone else's name?

  2. well...they all ARE! I guess that's what happens when you are a flack.


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