Amish Paste Tomato - Part of my Plum Strategy

This year, I decided to go a slightly different route for the tomato plants in our garden than last year.  Variety was the calling card of our garden last year.  We had big and small.  We had heirlooms and hybrids.  Greens and yellows. 

This year, I decided to focus on one core tomato:  the plum.  The reason for this is because I want to can a bunch of them (whole/peeled) in preparation for next spring's completion of the wood-burning pizza oven in our backyard.  What's that you say?  Pizza oven?  Yes.  I think I'm going to push ahead - against some folk's best recommendation.  (more on that later this fall as the pieces come together). 

To satisfy my wife (the real tomato eater in our house), I'm going to out and get a few more heirloom plants that are NOT plums, but thus far, I have 9 plants in the ground and 8 of them are plum varieties. 

The first of which is called an Amish Paste Tomato.  My mother-in-law found these at a garden center out by her and she picked up a few of them for me.  Their attributes fit perfectly with our goals:  canning.  Here's the tag.  I'll try to remember to post on them when they begin to fruit. 

Anyone have any experience with this variety? 


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