Day Ten: Still No Raccoon

I went out this morning to check the trap - like I've become accustomed to do and found what I expected:  an empty trap.  This is day 10 of the raccoon hunt and I'm not quite sure what has happened to him.  He hasn't been around for the better part of the week and hasn't left any turds in the yard during that same time, too.  So, I guess that's a positive, right?
The trap is a pre-pay, so I've already laid out the money trying to catch this bugger, so I'm going to leave the trap in play - but maybe I'll move it to a different part of the yard - and replace the rotten tuna fish inside of it!  I have been waiting to get my garden in full gear out of mostly fear of this critter, but the time for fear is over.  I need to get my tomato plants in the ground.


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