Early Potato - 2011 (Perhaps *Too* Early)

Back in early May, I planted some seed potatoes using the "Grow new potatoes in a garbage can" method and relatively quickly, the stalks shot up and were growing like crazy.  Being the impatient type, I couldn't really just sit back and wait for 3 months and *hope* that little red potatoes were being grown below the surface.

Yesterday, I had enough.  I couldn't stand it.  I really needed to know if there was actually something doing under the soil.  We're the seed potatoes actually sprouting more spuds?

I carefully moved some of the mulch aside and pushed some of the dirt away from the base of one of the shoots.  And lo and behold....guess what I found?  That's right!?!?  A tiny red potato.  The garbage can method is INDEED working.

Another 30 to 60 days from now and (hopefully) these will be much bigger.

If the production turns out to be high volume (which...because of the size of the can the plants are in, really can't be that "high"), these potatoes will certainly become a bit more interesting to me next spring.  I bought some generic red potato seed potatoes, but perhaps I'll get more creative next spring if these turn out with various varieties of spuds.


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