Garden 2011: Jade Cross "E" Brussel Sprouts

In both an attempt to diversify the variety of vegetables that we grow as well as following a best practice of rotating crop locations, I decided that this year we'd try a few new things that I haven't had in either my '09 or '10 gardens.

The first of those are these Jade Cross E Brussel Sprouts.  They're a recommended variety from the University of Illinois Extension Office for our Zone and take 90 days from seed to harvest and have larger heads than normal.  

The only issue is that it appears that Sprouts don't like warm summers and based on the past week, it appears that we're in for a warm one.   It seems that they're fairly frost tolerant, so they probably should have gone in a month ago....or...sometime later in the summer so we can harvest in October.  Plant and learn, right?


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