Green Bean Trellis - Installed 2011

About a week late (hey!  I was on the road.), but I finally was able to get my beans and snap peas trellis'd.  I'm using the elements that are already there (fence and raised bed) instead of building another stand-alone trellis/structure.  Based on the tentacles that I trained up the trellis netting already, I know it will work, but I'm wondering if the weight will be too much.  The pace of growth in the beans is pretty staggering, so it won't take long to find out.   


  1. Hi! I love, love, LOVE your fence and raised bed! I have been scouring the internet trying to find out how to do exactly what you did. I currently have a fence and would like to make a raised bed for a garden up against this fence. I know I need to put something against the fence, to keep it from rotten. Do you have any suggestions? Also, my fence is stained a natural cedar color and I thought I would stain the boards of the new bed to match, but I read that you should stain the wood because the chemicals can leak into the soil. Can you pass on any helpful tips for me? What kind of would did you use and did you stain them?

    Thank you and again, this is gorgeous!


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