Pizza Pilgrimage: Buddy's Pizza Detroit

On Alan Richman's big GQ list of the Top pizza joints in the country, Buddy's in Detroit came in at #15.  I had NOT been to any of the places on the list despite the top choice being in Chicago (Great Lake), so a visit to Buddy's was going to be my first rare-air experience in the world of pizza.
A few weeks back, I was set to have a meeting with a Google Exec and an editor up in Detroit - and I made the executive decision to have the meeting over lunch at Buddy's.  Everyone agreed to meet there and I have to say: this was the best pizza I've ever had in my entire life.  Seriously.  It was that good.

*UPDATE on Feb 3, 2012* I recently decided to try my hand at making Buddy's pizza at home.  To that end,  bought 2 Detroit-style Blue Steel Pizza Pans and changed my recipe a bit.

The GQ list isn't the first time Buddy's has been recognized, but being a high-brow list, it is great to see a place like this able to make it.  That photo is the side that is facing the parking lot and I would say is the 'good side'.  The neighborhood is pretty bare, with just a pack of dudes hanging out on the corner and not a lot of other things going on.  If my Mom were in the car, she would have locked the car doors.
There were four of us, so we ordered an eight-square.  There are two options: four-square and eight-square.  I think that's the way it has always been.  But, clearly, the topping choices (Hello...feta and diced turkey.) have evolved since opening in 1936.  

We ordered half pepperoni and half green pepper and mushroom.  Clearly, I wasn't left in charge of ordering, as I'd have doubled down on a sausage/pepperoni combo.  They cook the pies well there and the crust has a bit of a Pequod's/Burt's thing going on with the caramelized crust. 


  1. If you're uncomfortable going to the "Original Buddy's", try one of the others in the various neighborhoods - they're all great! Also, try a Sander's Hot Fudge Sundae for dessert, if you've got room! Now, that's the best meal combo I can think of!

  2. Preach it! There's nothing like the original Buddy's, one of the top spots in a town that's spoiled for pizza.


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