San Marzano Tomato Plants - HOLD ON

I *thought* I had my garden layout finalized.  After all, I had everything planted.  But, yesterday, we made a trip to Angelo Caputo's Market to pick up some pizza-making supplies (yes!), I wandered out into the garden center and found these beautiful San Marzano plants.
I tried my hand at raising these same plants from seeds, but they got leggy and died.  I couldn't pass these up because they'll be PERFECT for my sauce/canning experiment.  Looks like I'm going to have to move some things around to make room for a few of these. 

Now...only if I could find some volcanic ash to amend the soil.


  1. I just picked up (well, my husband will pick up on Saturday) 20 lbs of these from a local farmer for some serious sauce-making activity this weekend. Hope yours grow well!


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