Citronella Plants - Do they Work?

I've been poking around the Mosquito Magnet site for the past few weeks trying to figure out if the investment is worth the expense.  It seems that I am going to wait for the end of the season and see if I can snatch one up on a deal because with July already moving along, it might be too late in the season for them. 

Because, I (like most people I'm assuming) thought that the Mosquito Magnet would just "work" immediately, I was hot to trot after one of them.  Our backyard is where I want to spend A LOT of time n the evenings, but the bugs are crazy.  Turns out, the Magnet is more of a 'life-cycle disruptor'.  Over the course of three or four months, it will drive down the population in the area by getting the young and aging bugs.  It will NOT pull or attract every mosquito in instantly.  Rather it is more of a long-term solution that appears to NEED to start right in the Spring.

Because of the time-frame, we opted for a much lower-tech solution:  A series of Citronella plants.  Has anyone ever used these before?  We have them stationed all over our backyard pavilion and we've been rubbing the leaves.  Are they working?  Too soon to tell.  Anyone have any insights into these things?  The smell *seems* right, but is it strong enough to provide a protective area?

Also, should we bring them inside in the winter?  Will they survive a dormant cycle?


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