First Harvest: Zuchinni or Summer Squash

I just came back from six days away from my garden to find a wild, out-of-control mess.  Everything shot up fast and is not relenting.  The tomatoes - as usual - are tipping their cages and I have to find an alternative to the current set up.  And fast.

Other plants are moving along well, too.  Most notably, the zuchinni plants.  There appears to have been enough cross-pollination to sprout a few different fruits.  I pulled the first one off (above) and it looks great.  Shiny, firm.  And...most importantly not too terribly lumpy.  Based on my tests last year, I think the uneven shape of fruits is because of uneven watering.  With my auto system going this year, I'm trying to avoid that.  The smallish 'tip' was started before I put the watering system into place, I think.


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