Menards Has Gone Halloween - Already

I took the Babe to Menards this morning and guess what I found?  The entire seasonal section has been overtaken by Halloween.  Yes...six+ weeks out. know what else?  I love it.  I love it so much.  And...I love that right after this, Christmas - and Menard's Enchanted Forest of Christmas delights will be up by November 1st.  All those folks who hate "Christmas Creep" probably hate this "Halloween Creep", but I'm not one of them. 

In fact...I think were going to have to step up our game with these blowmolds.  I like that they're kind of old-fashioned - in a '1970's old-fashioned' sense.  Especially with inflatables ruling the front lawns of so many Americans these days, these things harken back to years ago when folks were decorating their lawns on Bungalow row in the city and 'burbs.

The witch one on the right is particularly cute.  There's Dracula too, but I didn't include him in the photo.  I'll have to try to convince Nat that we should buy a few of these. 


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