More Early Halloween + The Babe's Scarecrow

As I said a few days ago, Menards has gone all out this year with a huge Halloween display.  With all these pumpkins and skeletons around it is kind of interesting that The Babe gravitated toward that turquoise dog toy and not any of the seasonal items.  She wouldn't let go of him.  No matter what I tried to replace him with. 

Those plastic pumpkins behind her reminded me that I need to build a third scarecrow - in her likeness - ahead of this coming fall.  Time to get busy assembling the various parts and clothes. 


  1. I think its funny how she isn't afraid of anything in the Halloween section, even the 5 ft. cackling scarecrow. I wonder when the "being afraid of shaking eyeballs" period begins. I hope we can get her in a costume!


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